Floor Safety Information

Reduce the risk and danger of slips/falls and the potential of injury & lawsuit at your business.

Every 8 seconds someone is the victim of a slip or a fall. Slip and fall accidents are North America’s #2 accidental killer. Cox Building Services is a certified floor specialist. We provide a No Cost Floor Test to measure the safety coefficient of your floors.

According to the National Safety Council there are nine million disabling slip and fall injuries every year in North American resulting in 95 million lost workdays per year. Cox Building Services floor treatment is a solution to dangerous, wet slippery floors and can reduce the risk of slips and falls on almost any flooring surface thus minimizing the resulting potential for injury, lawsuits, litigation costs, employee days lost and fatal falls in the bathroom.

Our non-slip solution works on any surface to create a microbial sized spiked surface that provides traction to all types of footwear – whether wet or dry.